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We provide training in Personal Software Quality.

We also write puzzle games and other diversions to amuse ourselves and sometimes share with others.

Games (web site)
Funny, inspiring, educational word puzzles anyone can enjoy.

Robot Rodeo (Free for Android)
A grid-based puzzle game that starts easy but becomes quite challenging. Can you corral the cow with the robots?

Jotto Word Server
A server that offers random Jotto words.

Networked Jeopardy
A distributed Jeopardy game ideal for classroom use. (Requires Java).

Diversions (online)

Free HTML Calendar
Add a nicely formatted calendar to your web page for free.

NATO Phonetic Alphabet
Learn and practice the phonetic alphabet with fun interactive learning aids.

Interactive Election Calculator
View and manipulate electoral college votes in an easy to read visual display.

Case Counts By City
A graph of Covid-19 Positive Case Counts By City for SLO County, updated daily.

Random Mad Libs Generator
Generate random mad libs from a huge list of english words.

Software Tools

Quick ToDo List
Very small, fast, todo list with limited feature set. (Requires Python.)
Time Logger
A desktop tool for logging time, primarily for programming tasks.
Online Character Counter
Enter your message in the text area and view the number of characters.
Java LOC counter and BlueJ LOC counter extension
Lines of code counter for Java.
Time Selector for Java
A custom Swing text field for time data entry that allows selecting any 24-hour time with just 3 mouse clicks.
Java API Extractor
Extract public skeleton and javadoc comments from Java source code.
The Oracle of Java
A web tool for executing java programs.
Natural number ADT
A Java class for a Natural number ADT, representing non-negative integers.

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