Sierra High Route
Stage 3

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This stage, along with stage 1, travels through a lot of country that is new to me.  The view of the Ritter Range from Mammoth Crest should be awesome.  This stage is probably a good choice for people with limited availability or less experience.  The distance covered in this stage, 32 miles, makes it one of the short stages and it has a relatively small amount of cross country travel compared to the other stages.

Stage 3 Overview

Detail Maps

Section 3 - Duck Lake - Devil's Postpile
Section 2 - Horse Heaven - Duck Lake
Section 1 - Edison Lake - Horse Heaven

Logistics and Notes

Starts at Lake Edison at Vermillion Valley Resort. Take Ferry across to East end.  The first day travels along a bit of the John Manure Trail and is often busy with day visitors on the weekend, so I would prefer to start on a weekday.
Walk up Mono Creek and join the High Route at Laurel Creek.  An alternative is to take the North Fork of Mono Creek up to Mott Lake, then over to Bighorn Lake.
Ends at Devil's Postpile, or alternatively Mammoth Lakes.

Possible climbs: Red and White Mtn, Mt. Izaak Walton


Start - End Points
Elevation Gain/Loss
Lake Edison - Mott Lake
Mott Lake - (Climb) - Izaak Walton Lk XC
+1200 - 1200
Izaak Walton Lk - Purple Lk XC/Tr
+1180 - 1500
Purple Lk - Deer Lk
+1700 - 900
Deer Lk - Devil's Postpile
+800 -4000

Mileage this stage: 32 miles

Loop Hikes

A loop hike is a short backpack trip that starts and ends at or near the same trailhead.  Here are some possible hikes during this stage that allow hikers to meet John and accompany him for some small segment of the route and and then return to their starting point.

Edison - Mott lake loop (2 days).

This isn't a "loop" really, it's an out-and-back. 
Leave Lake Edison with John and hike to scenic Mott Lake.  Return by reversing the route back to Lake Edison.
Alternately, continue with John to Rosy Finch Lake, then part ways and head south along Laurel Creek, then back to Lake Edison.

Mammoth Crest loop (2-3 days)

Enter from the east side near MammothLakes in the vicinity of Lake Mary.  Hike a few miles to meet John at Duck Lake.
With John: along the scenic Mammoth Crest
Exit at Mammoth Pass to Horseshoe Lake then a short car shuttle or hitchhike back to Lake Mary.
Continue to Devil's Postpile resupply point.  A shuttle bus will take you back to Mammoth, and then a short car shuttle or hitchhike back to Lake Mary.

Section 3


Section 2


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