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The journey was comprised of five stages, each taking about a week to complete.  The route travelled from south to north.
The maps on the subsequent pages represent early plans and are different from the actual route we hiked, as shown below.

Actual Itinerary

Below is the itinerary of where I hiked and camped for each day of the journey.
John's Big Sierra Hike - Actual Itinerary                                   Miles: Trail   XC 

S 23-Jul Drive to SEKI - camp Sunset Campground
S 24-Jul Drive to Kings Cyn - camp Sentinel Campground
M 25-Jul Rendezvous - Kings Cyn - Cedar Grove
T 26-Jul Stage 1 Begins - Depart Roads End - Camp Paradise Valley 8.4
W 27-Jul Hike Woods Crk, Camp drainage W. of Window Peak 2.2 1.5
Th 28-Jul Camp Arrow Basin, W. of Pyramid Pk 3.8
F 29-Jul Hike Arrow Pass. Camp at tarn west of Bench Lk overlooking S. Fork 3.4
S 30-Jul Hike JMT to Upper Basin. 7.3 1
S 31-Jul Hike Mather Pass. Hike JMT to Palisade Lake. Cross Cirque pass 4.5 1.3
M 01-Aug Layover
T 02-Aug Cross Potluck pass, camp Barrett Lakes Basin, recon N. Pal. 1.3
W 03-Aug Climb North Palisade. 0.75
Th 04-Aug Hike Knapsack Pass, Dusy Basin, Bishop Pass, exit South Lk 3.5 6
F 05-Aug resupply - Four Jeffrey site #7
S 06-Aug resupply
S 07-Aug Stage 2 Begins - Depart Lk Sabrina - Camp Sailor Lk. 5
M 08-Aug Cross Haeckel Col. Camp Sapphire Lk 3.8
T 09-Aug Hike JMT to Evolution Lk. Hike Darwin Bench. Cross Alpine Col 1.9 4.8
W 10-Aug Cross Humphrey's Basin, hike French Cyn, Camp Merriam Lk 2 7.5
Th 11-Aug Cross Feather Pass. Climb Feather Pk. Camp Black Bear Lk 3.6
F 12-Aug Lake Italy (noon) - Camp tarn South of Gabbot Pass. 4.7
S 13-Aug Hike Gabbot Pass - camp Lower Mills Creek 2.3
S 14-Aug Hike Mono Crk Trail. Exit Lake Edison - Camp Vermillion 7.1 3
M 15-Aug resupply
T 16-Aug Stage 3 Begins - 4pm depart ferry - bivvy west of Quail Meadows. 1
W 17-Aug Hike JMT to Pocket Mdw, hike to Mott Lk, xc to Bighorn Lk. 5.8 1
Th 18-Aug Climb Mt. Izaak Walton, camp Izaak Walton Lk 2.76
F 19-Aug Hike xc to Fish Creek. Hike JMT to Lk Virginia, xc to Glen Lks 4 1
S 20-Aug Hike xc to Purple Lk, Hike to Duck Lk, XC over Mammoth Plateau 4.9 2.3
S 21-Aug Hike over Mammoth Crest, exit Crystal Lk Trailhead - camp 5.1
M 22-Aug Resupply
T 23-Aug resupply
W 24-Aug Stage 4 Begins - Depart Devils Postpile Trailhead - Hike Minaret Crk 6.5
Th 25-Aug Hike Cecile Lk, cross Whitebark Pass, Camp west of Garnet Lk 4.7
F 26-Aug Cross N. Clacier Pass, Camp Twin Island Lk 5.8
S 27-Aug Hike to Bench Cyn 2
S 28-Aug Hike to Blue Lk, Climb Foerster Pk. camp Blue Lk 3
M 29-Aug Cross Pass Blue Lk Pass, Hike Isberg Trail through Lyell Fork 4.5 3.1
T 30-Aug Hike Lewis Creek, cross Vogelsang Pass, Camp Vogelsang Lk 5.7
W 31-Aug Hike Rafferty Creek trail, Exit Tuolumne Mdws (pm) 6.2
Th 01-Sep resupply
F 02-Sep rest
S 03-Sep Stage 5 Begins - camp Sawmill Campground
S 04-Sep Day Hike - Fantail Lk, Bennetville, Great Sierra Mine, Spuller Lk 7.25
M 05-Sep rest
T 06-Sep Ferry Saddlebag Lk - Camp Cascade Lk 1.25 0.5
W 07-Sep Cross McCabe Pass, Camp McCabe Mdw 2.9
Th 08-Sep Hike Cold Cyn - Camp near Glen Aulin 8.25 1
F 09-Sep Hike Murphy Crk, xc to Poly Dome Lakes, exit nr Low Profil 4.7 1.75
S 10-Sep return to SLO

total 99.8 87.81


Overview map of SHRThe numbered circles on the map correspond to the stages of the trip.

Stage 1 - (38 miles) Kings Canyon to South Lake (near Bishop)
Stage 2 - (65 miles) South Lake to Lake Edison
Stage 3 - (32 miles) Lake Edison to Devil's Postpile
Stage 4 - (42 miles) Devil's Postpile to Tuolumne Meadows
Stage 5 - (28 miles) Tuolumne Meadows to Twin Lakes

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Stage Difficulty Ranking (Easy to Hard)

5 -> 3 -> 4 -> 2 -> 1