Sierra High Route

Hike with John

I'm looking for companions to join me on this amazing adventure.  You can join up for just a weekend or for an entire Stage that will last about a week.  Check out the Maps and find a section of the trip that inspires you.   I'm still planning the logistics, so stay tuned for more details.

Loop Hikes

A loop hike is a short backpack trip that starts and ends at or near the same trailhead.  I've sketched out a number of possible hikes during each stage that allow hikers to meet me and accompany me for some small segment of the route and and then return to their starting point.  This is the ideal way to join me for some high country travel if your schedule can't afford a long trip.  All the loop hikes start and end on the same side of the Sierra in order to avoid a long circumnavigation of the range to get back to your car.

Kings Cyn - Marion Lake Loop (7-9 days) Mammoth Crest loop (2-3 days)
South Lake - Evolution Lake Loop (7-9 days) Minarets  loop (2-4 days)
North Lake - Lake Italy Loop (5-7 days) Yosemite Valley - Tuolumne loop (4-5 days)
Florence Lake - Lake Italy Loop (5-7 days) Tuolumne - Vogelsang loop (2-3 days)
Edison - Mott lake loop (2 days). Tioga loop (2-4 days)

Victory Lap (Saddlebag - Twin Lakes) (2-3 days)

Let me know now if you're interested!

All photos ©Copyright 2005 by John Dalbey
Please do not use without permission.